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I look at my follower count and it looks like it stuck so maybe I can give somebody here a prize to boost that readership? You know, we bloggers, we’re vain that way.

Let’s see (as I flip things into my little domain), what thing could be of value to somebody else here other than my flat screen? Certainly not my Madeleine bag pack.


We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other. 🙂

Hmmm…my typewriter? Its infested with tropical cockroaches though, I don’t have the guts to exterminate them yet. Also, who needs a typewriter other than my serious-faced-ink-stained novelist-proser self?

Well maybe something from my book collection? Honestly, I couldn’t give anything away, I’m building my library after all. Maybe that singular Harry Potter book The Half Blood Prince which I stole from somebody else’s collection? No? Alright!

How about that singular L’arc~en~ciel album, Ray? That was shipped from Japan and was a gift from a good friend. No Jpop fan around here? Well, that’s a bummer. Also, I don’t think my friend would appreciate me giving away her gift.

L'arc~en~ciel's RAY album.

L’arc~en~ciel’s RAY album.

Anyway, so, how about my illustrated The Silmarillion? In good shape, glossy and also written by J.R.R. Tolkien. But, yeah, I already told you all those books are preciousss!

Elven-king Felagund among the first Men in Middle Earth (Illustrated edition of The Silmarillion)

Elven-king Felagund among the first Men in Middle Earth (Illustrated edition of The Silmarillion)

Ah, well!

So guys, as a start to the new life I’m planning, can somebody guess what I have that you’d want to have, except body parts. I’m not willing to give anything away unless its posthumous, in that case you can ask me that and I’ll arrange something. I’m serious by the way.

So to give you an idea, I’m just a poor country lass living in the seaside town of Mabini, Batangas, where the famous diving spot Anilao is situated (I’m sure foreign divers are familiar with it). I got some books, some respectable clothes, stuff toys etc. I will ship it myself, if it seems reasonable (and you live across the ocean). I could also give you my services. I am a Marketing and Events Specialist. I can write scripts for AVPs, TVCs, radio plugs. I can also edit videos (using Final Cut). I can also do Photoshop and InDesign (maybe design book covers or posters?). I also write a lot, I have journals, notebooks of literary doodles and sketches. And I have published an ebook in Amazon. So maybe that? I am confident with my Keynote skills (I was planning to make a Keynote tutorial blog back then but I just find it hard to write technical stuff). So yeah, as long as its something I own, and REASONABLE, I will give it, for FREE. No hidden charges.


Well suffice to say, I’ll be choosing just one person, who touches my heart and will ask nicely. 🙂

You might ask why I’m doing this, apart from giving my readership a boost?

Well, honestly, this is an experiment. I actually don’t know now what to do. I’m at that crossroad in my life where everything seems bleak and well…crossed. When I don’t know what I want myself. So maybe, if I free things up and I get some people’s thoughts of the things I have and have been missing all this time, maybe you could direct me to where I should go.

Just that hopeful thought that if I give, I’ll also discover treasures. So, please dear follower, and chance reader, comment or PM me at my email And while you’re at it, follow my blog? 🙂

P.S. Please don’t ask for the laptop and camera. Those are my bare necessities for blogging. 🙂


  1. L’arc~en~Ciel brought me here as well, but that illustrated The Silmarillion caught my attention. Where’d you buy it? XD

    Everyone reaches that crossroad at some point in their (blogging?) life. How about trying different things like, cooking, dancing, martial arts something and blogging about it?


    • Haha, thanks for dropping by, even if by chance. RE: The Silmarillion, got it from Fullybooked in Greenbelt. A real treasure. I mean the story was breathtaking but Ted Nasmith who illustrated it was just amazing. IMO, better than Alan Lee whose principal sketcher of Peter Jackson’s trilogies. 🙂 As for blogging about other things, haha why not. This blog is so random I had to categorize my posts by the day I post them instead of the topic. LOL!


    • LOL, that goes to show how random this blog is. Haha I would have loved to write something special for my L’arc~en~ciel obsession. Yeah, why not…maybe some post in the future. Thanks for the follow btw. 😉


      • LOL I hope “in love” is the right word for filling up my iPhoto folders with pictures of HYDE. While my movie folder has at least 4 video folders of their music videos. not to mention, Hyde’s films where he tried his acting chops! I’ve done more embarrassing things in college. I have a HYDE altar at the dorm. My roommate could attest to that! haha


      • I’m Hyde sober for a long time now. But I still love them. Just not as intense as before. So, I’ll pass on those for now. 🙂


    • As much as I’d like to not have any limitations on this…I just can’t part with my laptop. Maybe when I decide to become a hermit and live faraway where no wifi can reach me, then I will consider. haha 🙂


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