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Hello, here’s a bit of a confession.

I’m Kokay, and compared to a lot of people in the group I’m a new Terry Pratchett fan, three months (more or less, I’ll have to check my Instagram account which turned into a Terry Pratchett appreciation page since February!). In the span of three months I’ve read half of Discworld.  I devoured the novels like breakfast, lunch and dinner. I read Discworld while walking on the streets, while inside the train, the bus. Every night, after work I’d drop by the local bookstores to see if they have replenished their Terry Pratchett stock because I’ve emptied them a month ago. That’s how immersed I was. In the span of almost three months, I’ve seen how the Watch emerged from gutter to glory, I’ve seen the dawn of Industrial revolution, I’ve more or less got a glimpse of the Witches and of course I’ve met the wizards and the Librarian of course. I’ve cried and laughed and raged-for three months. Lived in Ankh-Morpork for the most of it, where time and space distorted around me.

And then Sir Terry Pratchett left us…me (and I just finished the City Watch Novels!). I literally (yes!) screamed when I got the news. And it all felt so unfair that I only just met him. I should have picked up Discworld a long time ago, he was always present in the scifi shelves. But I was a snob. I have pride in my classic collection, it was good but it also limited my world. I love Goethe’s Faust but in my surprise, I also enjoyed STP’s Eric, and in some ways the story of man’s hubris, to achieve earthly glory in exchange for his soul was more poignant and urgent in STPs humor. And it all unraveled. We all love stories. We like stories of heroics, of romantic tales of freedom, justice, and equality. But there is also something ridiculous in all of them and what makes Discworld so wonderful is how it reevaluates all those stories and made fun of them, revealing to us the folly, the deceit, and eventually the truth. I also realized how pretentious I was. I think there is always a tendency among us who have read a lot to look down at people who don’t and by looking down at them, we discourage them further. But I always felt, while reading Sir Terry Pratchett that he really does love words genuinely and this love is so inclusive. Anyone can read Terry Pratchett, no matter what their background is, no matter what one’s academic discipline was. In just a few words, he could make you stop, giggle, think and then laugh. And then you’d have the urge to read the passage aloud as if speaking it aloud would give it shape in roundworld. In a way it really did take shape- ripples, so many ripples as is evident in this page. I’ve read almost everyone’s testimonial and everyone have lots of private stories, personal and important ones.

I still have a lots of books to read and some parts of me thinks he’s not dead yet, he couldn’t possibly be dead when there’s still a lot of him ahead of me. Until then, I’ll hold on to him for a while.

Well, what do you think?

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