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There is no director working today more beloved than Japan’s national treasure, Hayao Miyazaki. I remember my first Miyazaki- Princess Mononoke (on VHS, japanese dub, without the subs), and to say that that movie changed my life I am yet to know, but it was the first time, as a child when I was so mesmerised by the poetry possible in film. What I took from that film would influence me as a person and as a writer writing today. There are no villains in nature, only people who make mistakes. I couldn’t articulate that at 8 or 9 years old, but two decades later, I still remember Princess Mononoke with misty eyes. It was profound art in a mundane medium.

Annual New Year Cards at Studio Ghibli drawn by Hayao Miyazaki

Annual New Year Cards at Studio Ghibli drawn by Hayao Miyazaki

We are yet to see a comprehensive evaluation of Miyazaki’s films, but Turning Point 1997-2008 though just a collection of essays, articles, speeches written by Miyazaki, which includes extracts from his many interviews-is a treasure trove of resource for anyone who wants to peek into the motivations and philosophy behind some of Miyazaki’s most popular works.

There are a lot of amazing transcribes of interviews!

There are a lot of amazing transcripts of interviews!

As suggested by the title, it follows the journey of Hayao Miyazaki from the first time he broke into international audience in 1997 with the release of Princess Mononoke to 2008 when everyone thought he’d retired from producing full length films.

This volume shows Miyazaki at his most articulate and there is no doubt that ten years ago, until now, that he is a tireless innovator with an ardent hope for the future. May we see more of him in the years to come.

There are also these little gems.

There are also these little gems.

The volume preceding it: TURNING POINT 1979- 1996 may also interest you.

Published by Viz Media

Translated by Beth Cary and Frederick L. Schodt

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