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Good Omens to be 6-Part Miniseries, script by Neil Gaiman

In a Memorial Event for Sir Terry Pratchett’s First Death Anniversary, Neil Gaiman talked about how the cult classic Good Omens is coming along for a 6-part mini series.

In his online journal post published yesterday, April 16, he wrote: I’ve been working on the Good Omens scripts for much of the last year, wishing that he was still here and could help, even if it was just to take a phone call.” 

We feel you Mr. Gaiman, but you are more than able and up for the task of adapting it into the small screen, so why don’t you ring us up when you finish it and we’ll pitch some comments on Sir Terry’s behalf?

Anyway, Good Omens, one of the most hilarious books about Armageddon that came out when all the fuss in the cinemas was the apocalypse. In Good Omens, an angel and one snake from Eden connives to stop the end of the world by tracking down the Antichrist. Hilarity ensued.


Neil and Terry. Artwork from

It’s one of those books you come back over and over. The Book of Revelations is heavily alluded (I know this more than anyone because I used to read Revelations when I was 7 years old!). You can check out this article from TOR.Com about all the references.

So what’s to be excited about the miniseries? Well, apart from all the funny bits about the pomposity of Armageddon, I would really love to see the dynamic between two unlikely allies, the angel Aziraphale, and the devil from eden – Crowley. Their silly banter is one of the highlights of this book. From how Neil Gaiman described his collaboration with Sir Terry Pratchett, I can’t help but imagine that their friendship was one of mutual regard – as that of the Aziraphale and Crowley.

The book never goes out of circulation so anyone interested to read it can always find it in the book store! So go and check it out before the miniseries gets to tv.

Well, what do you think?

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